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Congress expels Manmohan Singh, but will keep him as PM

29, Jun 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In a completely unexpected move, Congress today expelled its Rajya Sabha member and current Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from the primary membership of the party for six years, but the party said that it will let Dr. Singh continue as the Prime Minister of the UPA government.

Party insiders say that the decision was taken to help Congress perform well in the coming state assembly elections.

“We would continue to support the Manmohan Singh government and help him with our group of ministers to do good work for the aam aadmi,” said Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari, referring to the “UPA government” solely as “Manmohan Singh government” for the whole duration of the press conference, a first of its kind.

“We would also oppose the decisions of Manmohan Singh government that might be anti-people,” he informed, declaring that Congress was now officially against the hike in petroleum prices and would do everything to convince the Manmohan Singh government to roll it back.

“Our leader Soniaji is looking into this matter,” he added.

Sources say that Congress was mulling over the expulsion of Manmohan Singh for a long time so that they could call themselves just an ‘ally’ of the central government and could enjoy the ‘flexibility’ other allies have enjoyed for long.

“It has got nothing to do with the personality or performance of Dr. Singh,” a congress leader on conditions of anonymity said, adding, “We wanted to get it right for the coming elections in Bihar and Bengal. It pained us to see Mamata Banerjee opposing fuel price hike while we had to sit back in silence just because the Prime Minister belonged to our party. Crap!”

After this expulsion, Congress is planning to hold countrywide demonstrations against the recent hike in petrol prices and burn effigies of Manmohan Singh to reach out to the aam aadmi. The party even updated its website and removed the picture of Dr. Singh from the homepage and replaced it with the following image:

New collage on the Congress website
Congress is all set to woo aam aadmi with its pro-people polices

“They would take him back in the party after nine months or so I guess,” BJP leader Jaswant Singh said, reacting to the expulsion of Dr. Singh.