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Congress stakes claim in Gujarat after several reports mentioned that the result is a win for Rahul Gandhi

18, Dec 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Gandhi Nagar: Gujarat assembly elections results are still coming in but Congress has already staked their claim to form the government in the state. A delegation led by state election in-charge for the party, Ashok Gehlot, met the Governor a short while back and staked their claim. This step has surprised many people as BJP looks set to get a clear majority with around 100 seats as per the latest information from Election Commission.

Rahul Modi
So, who won?

Speaking to Faking News, a senior member of the Congress party said ,”It is obvious that we will stake the claim after winning a great victory in Gujarat. You can see so many channels, so many political pundits calling the verdict a big win for Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Ji is Congress President, hence it is a win for us. Governor himself should have called us to form the government but its ok, maybe he got busy elsewhere so we have reached him to place our claim in front of him.”

When we mentioned that BJP seems to be winning more number of seats, he said ,”I don’t think you quite understand democracy. Whose verdict will be respected in the end, Election Commission’s or Political Pundit’s? When political pundits have called the election then whatever EC does after that is irrelevant.”

Meanwhile, several newly elected BJP MLAs are requesting PM Narendra Modi to now campaign for them in the race for the Chief Minister post. However, PM Modi has already started campaigning in Meghalaya and is no longer available for Gujarat MLAs.