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Congress in talks with RJD-JDU to give some credit to Rahul Gandhi for performance in Bihar by-polls

25, Aug 2014 By idiot420

Patna. With RJD-JDU-Congress alliance in driving seat in Bihar by-polls, Congress is reportedly is in talks with its alliance partners to give partial credit for the victory to party Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

Congress, which won one of the six seats won by the alliance, is trying its best to convince Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar that it was Rahul Gandhi’s charisma that helped to pull off this remarkable comeback post the Lok Sabha debacle.

kaa kehte ho, de dein credit? Long run mein fayada rahega

“Whether they believe it or not, but it all happened because of Rahul Gandhi. Although he wasn’t physically present here during the campaign, it was his aura which helped the alliance to defeat BJP,” claimed Anil Mishra, a local Congress leader.

“Congress was the lucky charm in this grand secular alliance, and Rahul Ji is the lucky charm of Congress,” Mishra further claimed.

As winning elections has not been that regular phenomenon with Congress in the last few years, party doesn’t want to miss this opportunity to restore back grassroot workers’ faith in top leadership.

“Finally, Rahul Ji’s magic is working. I always knew he was capable to perform and somewhere deep down even Lalu Ji knows this fact. In his earlier comments during Lok Sabha elections, Mr. Yadav had already expressed his feelings for Rahul Ji,” Digvijay Singh told to Faking News, “All he need  to do  is to reiterate that once again.”

If party insiders are the be believed, in order to persuade Lalu-Nitish to credit Rahul Gandhi for the win, Congress has also played the minority card.

“Going by the MLA count within the alliance, Congress is certainly in minority. And considering nature of Lalu and Nitish, Congress top leadership is very hopeful that they will give Congress the credit it deserves,” disclosed a close aide of Bihar Congress chief, “It’s time for Lalu-Nitish to walk the talk, they should show the world how much they care for minority.”

Meanwhile, Bihar Congress has already placed hoardings thanking Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi , Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra for the alliance victory in different parts of the state capital.

“Well, Rahul Gandhi surely deserves credit,” a BJP leader said, “For keeping away from Bihar and not campaigning. Else we might have won more seats.”