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Congress leader accidentally sends mail taking responsibility for defeat in elections

23, Apr 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In a major embarrassment to the ruling Congress party, a party leader has accidentally sent a mail to journalists taking moral and full responsibility for the party’s defeat in the 2014 general elections.

“Rahul ji tried his best and Priyanka ji gave the last moment energy, but leaders like me needed to work harder on ground. I accept the full responsibility of the defeat,” the leader said in the mail.

The Gandhis
The leaders who can’t fail

“But this electoral defeat will not defeat our spirits. Congress party is a thought, a soch, and as Rahul ji had saidyeh soch humaare dil mein hai – I solemnly swear to work for the betterment of the party under the leadership of Rahul ji and Priyanka ji and Sonia ji, and Vadra ji too,” the mail further read.

The party was clearly embarrassed with the mail that landed in many journalists’ inbox, but they quickly claimed that some “communal forces” had hacked the email account of the said leader and sent the mail.

“We are going to sweep the elections. Every leader and worker is confident that Congress alone will get 500 seats in this Lok Sabha. No leader can write such mail. This is the dirty tricks department of BJP at work,” party spokesman Sanju Jha told Faking News.

However, political experts claim that it could be a case of accidentally hitting the “send” button, and not any case of hacking.

“Since many opinion polls and analysts are predicting the worst defeat of Congress in these elections, there is a competition among the leaders to take the blame and shield Rahul Gandhi, thus getting in good books of the family,” an expert explained.

“I think this particular leader, and dozens others, must have composed a nice mail taking responsibility to be the first to impress the family. He might have clicked the ‘send’ button by mistake instead of clicking ‘save’ after adding Vadra to the list of leaders after yesterday’s defense of Vadra by Priyanka,” the expert claimed.

Many other experts too share the same view though they are not sure which will be the leader who could win this race.

“Or maybe Manmohan Singh could win the race again, pushed to the finishing line,” one of the experts opined.