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Congress leader issued show cause notice for sharing birthday with Modi

17, Sep 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Jaipur. A Congress party leader from Rajasthan has been issued a show cause notice by the party high command to explain why he celebrates his birthday on the same day as Narendra Modi.

Abhishek Rai, the leader Congress leader who shares his birthday with Modi, has been given one week to explain, failing which he will be expelled from the party.

As per sources, Rahul Gandhi himself caught Abhishek cutting a cake during his visit to Baran, Rajasthan. When the Congress Vice President asked why he was cutting a cake on Narendra Modi’s birthday, Abhishek said that it was his birthday as well.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi warned party workers against following the footsteps of Narendra Modi

The explanation failed to satisfy Mr. Gandhi and he issued a show cause notice to Abhishek asking him to explain his actions in detail.

When Faking News contacted Abhishek for his reactions, he said, “Arey yaar, what can I do about my date of birth? I played no part in it, it was my father and mother’s doing. Maybe I will stop celebrating my birthday from next year if it hurts anybody’s sentiments.”

Sources claim that Abhishek plans to go to high command wearing a skullcap and sporting a tilak on the forehead while asking for an apology. However, experts are not convinced that it will work.

One political expert speaking to Faking News said, “Skullcaps and Tilaks are used to fool the masses, not the politicians.”

Experts suggest the beleaguered leader to try other options that are feasible and practical.

“Maybe he could bribe authorities and get his date of birth changed,” an expert suggested, “Or he should declare that he is unborn, as was done by this guy in this Faking News report.”

“Or here it a solution that will definitely work,” the expert added, “This leader should declare his parents as RSS workers, who gave him a bad date of birth.”

Sources confirm that the parents of Abhishek Rai were not RSS workers. In fact, they were committed Congress workers.

“His father was Narsimha Rai, a well known local Congress leader. But given his name, I think he’d soon be disowned to please the high command,” a source told Faking News.