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Congress leader Rashid Alvi writes to Azam Khan offering to take care of his buffaloes

08, May 2014 By nandakumar

New Delhi. “Distressed” by Azam Khan’s buffaloes traveling on foot and living in a small shed, large hearted Congress leader Rashid Alvi today wrote to the SP’s Prime Ministerial candidate volunteering to look after his buffaloes as Azam Khan had not provided them a “comfortable” life despite his wealth and success.

Rashid Alvi
“It needs a large heart to do such things”

“I fail to understand how you could not provide a comfortable life for your buffaloes who spent their entire life bull shitting for you and trying to ensure a brighter future for you. Your buffaloes are like my fellow Congressmen. I have immense respect for them. I may not be as resourceful as you are, but I would request you to allow me to provide them all the necessary comforts of life according to my capacity,” Rashid Alvi said in a letter to Azam Khan.

Alvi lamented that Azam Khan has been telling in his campaign all along that his buffaloes saved him single-handedly in the most difficult conditions.

“You mentioned how they had to graze in the neighboring lawns to ensure that they could look after you properly. If you check their DNAs, you will be surprised to know that it is no different from that of Congressmen and Samajwadi Party men.”

“With their dedication and hard work, they brought you up in a way that you could not only rise to become a Minister in a state like UP, but also want on to become the PM candidate of your party,” he told Azam Khan. At the same time, he told Azam Khan that he was “deeply pained” when he came to know that the buffaloes of the UP Minister still live in an 8X8 shed.

“I was also distressed when I saw that they traveled on foot to escape from your house recently,” he said, noting that in Indian culture, when the Master does well in life, the first beneficiaries of the success are usually his buffaloes.

“Azam Khan ji, recently when you filed your nomination, you disclosed assets worth more than Rs 1.75 crores and a few criminal cases against you. I am baffled how even as an ordinary criminal, who has so much wealth, you fail to provide necessary comforts to your buffaloes!”

“We regularly see how you travel in private jets and cavalcades of many luxury cars. We also know of your love for study tours to Mont Blanc, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Dubai and other places. You travel in Business class while  Congressmen like Shashi Tharoor travel in cattle class with other secular buffaloes,” he added.