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Congress leader showed penis to US envoy to prove government was potent

17, Mar 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Latest WikiLeaks cables reveal that an unidentified Congress leader had shown his penis to an employee in US embassy to prove that the UPA government was potent and committed to the Indo-US nuclear deal. The incident happened just five days before the Manmohan Singh government was forced to face a vote of confidence in July 2008 after its leftist allies walked out of the coalition government.

In a cable dated July 17, 2008 sent to the US State Department by the US embassy in Delhi, US Charge d’Affaires Steven White writes about how his deputy was reassured about “potency” of the UPA-I government without the Left Front.

Cash for vote scam
UPA government could prove its potency in the parliament on 22nd July 2008

The unnamed consulate deputy was visiting an unidentified and unnamed Congress leader.

“The leader reassured us that the UPA coalition had not lost any balls with their communist allies withdrawing support to the government,” the cable noted, “In fact he told us that the government had always felt constipated with communist parties in their lap, and their exit had made them feel free and fresh ‘down there’. UPA was ready to hump and roam around like a raging bull.”

In case the US envoy doesn’t find it just an empty boast, the unnamed Congress leader is reported to have shown “two inches of his toolbox” to the visiting envoy and claimed that the party and the government had many others “similar tools”, which it would use to prove its potency in the parliament.

Although the cable doesn’t explicitly mentions it, experts believe that “toolbox” clearly was an euphemism or slang for penis i.e. male reproductive organ, which the mysterious Congress leader showed to the US embassy staff to prove a point.

Expectedly, the revelations have heated up the political atmosphere with the main opposition party BJP deciding to raise the issue in the parliament, whereas other commentators have found the act of Congress leader “silly”.

“We all know that they exist and they have been using it for long, but why the hell show it to a foreigner and bring puppy shame to the country?” wondered a political commentator.