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Congress leaders start a signature campaign asking Rahul Gandhi to get married, to ensure their future president

09, Mar 2018 By RT

New Delhi. Congress leaders from all over India started a signature campaign asking Rahul Gandhi to get married, to ensure their future president. The future of the party is totally dependent on Rahulji’s to-be-born son or daughter. The signature campaign will influence our leader to get married in the coming months, one of the leaders from the capital city told Faking News, wearing a mask.

Rahul confident that his idea will stop defections

“Our president’s personal life is totally separate from his public life. However, our party’s leadership is very important to us. When Soniaji was Congress president, we were not worried about future leadership. Rahulji was waiting to take over. With our leader remaining as the most eligible bachelor in the country, we have no choice but to interfere in his personal life and ask him to get married soon,” one of the long-term party leader told Faking News.

“In the past several years, our party has seen a reluctant president, a reluctant politician, a reluctant vice president and a reluctant prime minister. Now, our new leader is very reluctant to get married. We were reluctant too, at first, to start this signature campaign. Some senior leaders gave us encouragement by signing the petition as the first group to lead the way for others. Indian national Congress always believed in democracy and once our future leader is born, there will be a democratic process to elect him as our president,” a junior leader told Faking News.

“It is not dynasty. That is an old practice when a king or queen announces the next ruler. Ours is a democratic party with a democratic process. We choose our leader. From the day our president’s son or daughter is born, the process will start,” a highly educated Congress leader told Faking News.