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Congress looking for allies to form an opposition in Lok Sabha

16, May 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. With Congress staring at a final tally of less than 50 seats, making it increasingly difficult for it to even sound like an opposition party, the party has begun its hunt to look for suitable allies which can help it in forming a coalition opposition.

Congress leaders claim that there is a strong “Rahul Gandhi wave” for opposition in the country and it reflects in the mandate that people have given by voting against Congress party.

Begging other parties to join UPA opposition.
Begging other parties to join UPA opposition.

“We are confident of forming a stable and strong coalition opposition under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi ji,” said party spokesman Sanjay Jha, while deleting his old tweets where he predicted a Congress sweep in the elections.

According to sources, Congress has already sent feelers to TMC and AIADMK about the coalition, but since both parties have won near about same seats as Congress, there could be conflict over who would be the leader of opposition. There is even a possibility these parties coming together to form a third front opposition.

Congress, which had earlier ruled out supporting a third front opposition, is now not averse to that thought.

“Though we are 100% sure of forming a UPA opposition, even if for some odd reasons we are not able to form one, we will not think twice before backing a third front opposition,” Jha added.

Congress maintained that its priority was to stop communal Sushma Swaraj from becoming the leader of opposition. Several self proclaimed secular parties like SP and JDU etc too are backing Congress over this one.

“All secular forces must combine to defeat communal forces and create a secular opposition,” appealed senior JDU leader Sharad yadav while celebrating a comfortable defeat in his Madhepura constituency.

Meanwhile AAP, which is touted to get 4 seats as per latest trends, has confirmed there is no question of them supporting a third front opposition. Their leader Kejriwal could not be reached as he was getting ready with a list of people who were paid to vote for Modi.