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Congress now claims Modi used 3D technology to create crowd in Varanasi

26, Apr 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In a sensational AAP level claim made by Congress today, the party has alleged that the massive crowd present at Modi’s Varanasi road show was a hoax, as BJP used 3D holographic technology to create projection of a large crowd.

“We knew they will misuse the technology that was the vision of Nehru ji, Indira ji, Rajiv ji, Sonia ji, Rahul ji, and Priyanka ji,” a Congress leader claimed, “First they misused the secular technology to create communal 3D projections of Modi in his rallies, and now they care projecting crowds.”

Addressing a press conference in Delhi, Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha lashed out at BJP’s prime ministerial candidate for fooling people of India.

A 3D projection?
A 3D projection?

“We have collected strong evidence that proves that Feku Modi and his aides captured large crowd gathered at a place on camera, scanned it in 3D, and then superimposed it holographically around him in Varanasi,” Jha claimed.

On being asked from where did BJP manage to get such a large crowd at one given place, Jha said, “They may have taken it from Kumbh Mela, Dadar Station, ND Tiwari’s house, Queue of creditors outside Vijay Mallya’s office, though my personal belief is that they took it from Rahul ji’s rallies, where millions come to hear him.”

Jha then went on to accuse media of being paid and working hand in glove with BJP and Modi to make it look like a real crowd on TV. This made the journalists in the press conference angry and they threatened to turn into Arnab Goswami and unleash themselves on Jha, forcing Jha to hand over the mike to another leader.

With Jha left smirking to himself, the press conference was later addressed by Congress leader Anand Sharma, who claimed that the entire crowd was an orchestrated 3D projection as there were 1 lakh people wearing thesame saffron t-shirt.

“There was no Modi wave or saffron wave. In reality, there was only one guy wearing a t-shirt but through computer, they copied and pasted the same guy everywhere,” Sharma offered an alternative explanation for the size of the crowd.

After earlier alleging that it was a paid crowd hired by BJP, Congress’ latest claim of BJP using technology to project fake crowd has left even the biggest conspiracy theorists stunned.

“They are copying my style, but under Buddhu and Booze, they will fail,” senior conspiracy theorist Subramanian Swamy said. Sources tell Faking News that Arvind Kejriwal too is cursing that he couldn’t think of this theory earlier, though he reportedly claimed that the 3D machines were produced by Adani is his “factory”.

Sources further claim that Congress has already decided to accuse BJP of using 3D electorates to cast votes, if it loses the upcoming elections.

“They can’t blame it on EVM tampering or tampering of voter lists, because both of those appear to be in their favor currently” a source explained.