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Congress party in dilemma over which issue to choose to disrupt Budget session, will toss coin and decide

23, Feb 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: With many issues at its disposal, Congress party is facing dilemma over which issue to choose to disrupt Parliament as the Budget session kick off this week.

Rahul Gandhi is speechless at his own ingenuity
Rahul Gandhi is speechless at his own ingenuity

An emergency high level meet of senior leaders was held late last night at Party President Sonia Gandhi’s house to discuss ‘disruption strategies’. Sources within the party say that a consensus couldn’t be reached over the issue till Rahul Gandhi intervened.

Faking News reporter spoke to a senior Congress “The meeting was chaotic and with so many options we needed to narrow down. That’s when Rahul Gandhi suggested that we toss a coin and decide. It was almost a watershed moment. I mean senior leaders with years of experience were present at the meet but none of them could think of the coin toss idea. It was Rahulji’s ingenuity that solved our problem.”

Many party workers were of the opinion that Rahul Gandhi should be made the party President given that his idea was a ‘huge contribution’ to the party.

Apparently, brain storming sessions were held to add to the list of issues just in case a few fizzle out. “There is a possibility that a few issues could die down, but we are constantly adding fuel. Just heard that Priyanka Chopra will play a negative character in Baywatch movie. We are planning to attack Modi Govt. on this. I mean, he travels to US 3 times a year and all he manages to arrange is a negative role. Is this how he plans to empower women,” frowned Abhishek Singhvi.

Meanwhile, insiders revealed that Rahul Gandhi has plans to take centerstage and attack BJP like never before. The party has also hired a professional dialogue writer to make Rahul’s speeches have a dramatic effect.