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Congress reinstates Tharoor as party spokesperson after he promises to spread garbage all around in city

14, Oct 2014 By Mishtik Journo

New Delhi: After fervent appeals from several quarters, the Congress core group met here to decide on the punishment after which Shashi Tharoor could be reinstated as a party spokesperson.

The committee deliberated to estimate and quantify the damage caused by Tharoor’s supporting the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan‘ of the GOI.

Tharoor did this within couple of hours after getting reinstated.

After five hours of lively discussions, the committee concluded that Tharoor’s actions have resulted in 50000 Kgs (50 MT) of solid waste (garbage) being disposed off properly so far. As a penal action it was decided that Tharoor be asked to procure back 100000 Kgs (100 MT) of garbage and litter the entire town with it to bring garbagedness to a state better than original.

“Doubling the quantity of garbage will be a slap on the face of BJP. This exemplary punishment will ensure that nobody from the Congress will hereafter dare to throw waste garbage properly at its place in the bins,” Manish Tiwari told Faking News.

Shashi Tharoor was earlier removed as Congress spokesperson following a recommendation by the party’s disciplinary committee.

Readers might recall that recently Tharoor had drawn flak for praising Modi and was asked to write “Rahul Gandhi is a visionary leader” 1000 times on paper as a punishment. The current punishment is on the same principals of natural justice.

“Further, Congress will appoint nine celebrities from across India who will create a multi level chain of human beings to continuously buy back the recycled garbage from agencies like Municipal Corporation and restore it to its original position so that the effects of  ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan‘ could be efficiently undone.”

Various ex-Congress ministers have already volunteered to be one among these nav-ratnas.

“As a loyal worker of Congress I accept the decision of the party president,” Shashi tweeted about an hour back. “Apart from direct purchases of garbage from the municipalities, our workers should go from door to door, collect the garbage and throw it here, there, everywhere, specially in front of offices and houses of BJP central ministers and office bearers,” he added.

As a special gesture Congress has allotted 50 crore rupees of party fund to create a lasting infrastructure for re-recycling waste to its proper original place. Proposal to name this project as ‘Gandagi Failao Crusade’ is under active consideration of the high command.

Many experts believe that in times to come garbage will attract more and more premium from the rival parties.