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Long queue of BJP leaders with 'Ladoos' seen outside Mani Shankar Aiyar's house

18, Dec 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

After calling Modi a ‘neech kisam ka aadmi’ (someone with a low level of thinking), the Congress suspended Mani Shankar Aiyar from its primary membership. Aiyar who was once a Rajiv Gandhi confidant, and Union Minister in the UPA-I government, was debarred by the party in quest of minimizing damage. In fact sources say that he was kept under house arrest with his mouth taped to stop any comments from him.


In fact the initial trends today showed us that the Congress move was in fact correct. Keeping Mani Shankar out of public life was working for them. But as more and more trends started coming in, the writing was on the wall and a Congress defeat is what looks imminent. Finally the Congress leadership thinks that Mani Shankar cannot do any further damage and its safe to make him free. The tape from his mouth has been taken off and his house arrest is also relaxed now. But what’s surprising is the queue of BJP leaders seen outside Aiyar’s house. The leaders were seen having boxes of ‘Ladoos’ in their hands. Most BJP workers think that Aiyar had a major role to play in this emphatic win.

According to the sources, all BJP leaders who were not present outside Aiyar’s house had given him a call in the morning, thanking him for his immense contribution in their victory. Aiyar has acknowledged all wishes and has vowed that he will keep on working hard for the development of the nation and will never be afraid to speak his heart out. Congress leaders meanwhile have urged Aiyar to join BJP which will increase the chances of Congress winning.