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Congress says AAP topi can't protect ears during winter, may withdraw support

23, Dec 2013 By idiot420

Delhi. Soon after the formal engagement of AAP and Congress, inter-party disputes, which the media and the rest of country was eagerly waiting for, has started surfacing.

Sources tell Faking News that Congress is not too happy with AAP cap design, as it’s not good enough to protect ears in cold Delhi weather.

Kejriwal trying to beat Delhi winter by external support of mufler
Kejriwal trying to beat the winter by outside support of a muffler

“You start noticing a lot of things about each other after getting into a relationship, even small issues matter a lot. Same happened with us,” said newly appointed Delhi Congress chief Arvinder Singh Lovely on souring relationship with their latest partner.

“It’s a fancy cap, only for showoff, and offers no real protection to ears. Delhi people supporting AAP are roaming around in this chilly weather wearing AAP caps, and as a result, they are falling ill. Cap’s complete design is flawed and it’s so anti-Delhi weather and anti-people. On one side they talk about aam-aadmi and on other side risking their health,” Mr. Lovely explained further.

Mr. Lovely went on to claim that Arvind Kejriwal is often seen and heard coughing due to this faulty topi.

Congress party pointed out some other serious flaws like white color of the cap, and material used to create the cap. As per Jaipal Reddy, Minister of Science and Technology, it would have been much better if caps were of black color and made of wool instead of khaadi.

“Black color absorbs sun radiation and keeps it warm inside, and it’s certainly not wise to wear Khaadi cap in winter. These guys are so careless,” said Jaipal Reddy, “It’s almost impossible to adjust with AAP, at least in this winter.”

Retaliating against Congress’ logic, AAP mocked them by saying that the grand old party was too afraid of cap’s openness, because they were addicted to keep things hidden.

“We can’t wear monkey caps, as it’s normally used by criminals to hide their face while committing crimes. It will give a wrong message to the people. With external support of a muffler,  cap is good enough to survive Delhi’s winter,” claimed Kejriwal.

However, Congress party has refused Kejriwal’s suggestion to wear mufflers. “It’s AAP’s conspiracy; symbolically they are telling that we are mufflers tied around their neck and choking them. It puts us in bad light, while we are good people,” Congress VP Rahul Gandhi is reported to have objected.

Meanwhile, Sheila Dixit hinted that the AAP cap design issue could find a place in Congress manifesto if Congress decides to withdraw support on this issue.

“If Congress wins re-election, I promise to give all Delhiites a hand knitted woolen cap,” vowed Sheila, hoping to replicate AAP’s success by making an imaginative promise.