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Congress is talking to Spurs & Liverpool coaches to make a comeback in last 2 phases

10, May 2019 By dasu

New Delhi: According to our sources, Congress’s internal survey says the grand old party has not done well in the first five phases of the general election. However, looking at the way Liverpool came back against Barca and Tottenham Hotspur against Ajax, there is a section within Congress which feels they can give BJP a slap of democracy in the last two phases of the election scheduled on May12th and May 19th.


“Still 118 seats left for us, more than three times of seat we won in 2014. So, there is a long way to go before country decides who will rule India for next five years”, said Rajeev Shukla of Congress. “Our elections are a game of uncertainties like cricket. Till the last ballot is cast we can not say who will be the winner”, Mr. Shukla told a line often Gavaskar and Manjrekar repeats from commentary box.

When we asked another congress party office bearer, is it wise to take help of foreign hands to win an election, are not you afraid of EC’s model code of conduct (MCC), “NO, not at all.  At best we might get a notice from EC, we can answer that. But yes, we are afraid of Subramaniam Swamy. He might drag us to supreme court, for that we have asked Abhishek Manu Singhvi to prepare an apology affidavit and keep it ready”.

When we told, Liverpool and Spurs had players, strategy to come back, it seems Congress does not have anything in place, “Kya baat karte ho yaar. Rahul Ji for last two years shouting Rafale, Rafale from every Galli and Naukad. Phir NYAY denge bola, pata nahin kaisse, but kissi bhi tara se denge. Then our Brahmastra Priyanka Ji who looks like Indira Ji is campaigning. Are you saying that’s would not suffice?”.

Ok, let us wait for May23rd.