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Congress thanks Rahul Gandhi for helping UPA touch 100 figure in Exit Polls

13, May 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Buoyed with the exit polls prediction that UPA is likely to touch 100 figure mark in Lok Sabha elections, Congress party leaders have unanimously accepted Rahul Gandhi’s huge contribution in achieving the feat and thanked him for helping them out in such an anti-Congress environment.

“I never imagined that a 43-year-young kid could steer us through such a ferocious battle. He is miraculous, and a child prodigy,” said Congress senior leader Salman Khurshid showering praise on Nehru-Gandhi scion.

Rahul Gandhi
The power of one.

Mr. Khurshid went on comparing Rahul’s war against so-called communal forces to that of Abhimanyu’s battle in Mahabharat.

“Just like Abhimanyu, I guess Rahul Ji learnt the art of political combat while he was in his mother’s womb, otherwise, there is no way to explain such sharp political acumen at such an early stage of life,” Salman Khurshid thanked Mother India.

There is a section within the Congress party which believes that without being a part of the government, Rahul Gandhi has done what was actually expected from Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

“Unfortunately there were a few scams that Manmohan Singh couldn’t stop,” said a prominent party leader making a scathing attack on the Prime Minister, “But thanks to Rahul Ji who single handedly helped us to touch 100 mark, or else we could have reduced to around 10 seats.”

None of the Congress Lok Sabha candidates, who are hopeful of winning, are ready to give themselves even a small fraction of credit. Gyanraj Sharma, a Congress candidate with strong chance of winning from Punjab, reportedly, beat up one of his supporter for publicly giving credit to him.

When we asked Rahul Gandhi, that why were Congressmen so happy even after a prediction of just 100 seats, he said, “Because they are wise people and understand that poverty in terms of Lok Sabha seat is just a state of mind.”

Meanwhile to celebrate the accomplishment, Congress party organized a success bash at party office in Delhi last night, where many leaders including Digvijay Singh were spotted teary eyed.

However, on being enquired, Mr Singh clarified, “These are tears of joy.” He also declared that under the guidance and leadership of youth leader Rahul Gandhi, Congress will rise to power in 2019.