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Congress to archive 7 RCR and Akash Tablet after archiving PMOIndia Twitter handle

21, May 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After archiving the Twitter handle of the outgoing Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Congress has now decided to archive a few more things before the new government takes over and spoils the gems.

Sources tell Faking News that Congress is now in the process of archiving 7 Race Course Road, the official residence of Dr. Manmohan Singh. The residence would be archived as a memorial. Apparently, this is also being done under the RTI act, which makes it mandatory to preserve every piece of communication related to the Prime Minister.

“7 RCR is the home to everything Dr. Singh ever said or never said. While his speeches and tweets have been archived, we wondered how to archive his silence. While we were silently staring at the walls of the PM’s house, we got this idea. We decided to convert 7 RCR in to ‘A Silent House’ – a tribute to Dr. Singh’s legacy,” PM’s media adviser Pankaj Pachauri explained.

A marvel that needs to be preserved.
A marvel that needs to be preserved.

Silence is golden, and it should be archived. Why should we part away with Gold so easily,” he further explained the need to archive 7 RCR.

Congress party sources say that the proposal of archiving 7 RCR was given green signal by the high command after Dr. Singh took the blame for party’s horrible performance in the just concluded general elections.

When this reporter asked if this violated accepted norms of propriety, Mr. Pachauri laughed off the allegations and instead argued that it rather conformed to the accepted traditions.

“This is not a new practice. Please recall that Teen Murti Bhawan, the residence of the first Prime Minister of India, was converted into a memorial. The same was done to Indira ji’s residence. We could have done the same for Rajiv ji’s residence too, but the VP Singh government spoiled the tradition,” Pachauri pointed out to the long history of “archiving” assets during Congress regimes.

“It’s really funny that people are outraging over a Twitter account while we have archived much bigger things before,” he added.

Apart from the Twitter account and the residence of the Prime Minister, one more thing that Congress has decided to archive is the Akash Tablet. Party claims that the tablet was a revolution in technology achieved under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. Top Congress leaders fear that if not archived, Modi may tamper with its technology and kill the product.

“On Twitter, our PM earned millions of followers due to his prolific tweets and intellectually unmatchable condemnations. We decided to archive as Narendra Modi would have got those followers for free. Similarly, Akash Tablet is a marvel in technology and we can’t allow the Modi government to take all the credits without doing any hard word,” Kapil Sibal argued.

Meanwhile BJP supporters, who were already busy outraging over archiving of the @PMOIndia Twitter handle, further rose their pitch when the news of archiving of Akash Tablet started gathering momentum.

“This is frustration at its peak and totally unethical and illegal behavior! How can they archive Akash Tablet, which is our national asset? What if NaMo falls ill? Which tablet will he swallow then?” a Modi supporter demanded to know.