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Congress to deeply introspect on its unexpected performance in Bihar election, high command calls for an emergency meeting

09, Nov 2015 By dasu

New Delhi: Top leadership of the Congress party is in utter disbelief and shock after reviewing party’s performance in Bihar assembly election. Party high command is worried how the public and political analysts will look at Congress performance because for years they have been the only consistent party which believed in losing election after election.

Sonia and Rahul in an emergency meet
Sonia and Rahul in an emergency meet

When we contacted party’s long standing spokesperson Mr. Manish Tiwari, he was upset with party’s performance and also for not getting hint from the party leadership that they will win so many seats. Mr. Tiwari said, “I am not prepared to speak on a performance like this. 27 seats we have won out of 41 seats we contested which is like winning percentage of 65%. This is something I have not seen from my party from the time I am with Congress.”

“My preparation for last few weeks has been on the ground that we will win zero seats if we are at our best or with slightly worst performance we might win up to 5 seats. This is something I was repeatedly reminding my party leadership and was telling them if you see Congress will fall below it’s current form, please let me know advance. It is not easy to face the panel on live TV debates especially the ones hosted by Arnab without doing proper ground work.”

Mr. Tiwari added, “That’s reason I did not participate in any of the live TV debates. By evening I got a chance to speak to Mr. Rahul Gandhi who was equally upset that his track record of lower output with every election has come to an end.”

Mr. Gandhi told me, “I cancelled my foreign trips and come back to India so that I can campaign extensively. I did not want others in my party to get a chance to campaign. This is to ensure we are on our path of reaching zero seats everywhere by 2019. Whatever you do, there are others who want to do one better. Now looks like BJP under Modiji is also trying to copy my formula.”

Manish said, “As Rahulji has apologized to me personally, I consider this as end. He has also told me to prepare extensively so that we can master the art of defending zero seats in future. He has assured me that he will work much more and do whatever is needed to achieve his dream.”

“Rahulji told me, he has called for an emergency meeting of the party core group and he has invited all the new 27 MLAs to join that meeting. We have few tough questions for them. They need to explain what all they have promised to voters so that they have voted for them. Last we expect our party to be called a feku party who only speak and do not deliver,” Manish said.