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Congress to forgive Shashi Tharoor for praising Modi if he writes "Rahul Gandhi is a visionary leader" 1000 times as punishment

08, Oct 2014 By indianpsycho

Thiruvananthapuram. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, who drew flak from party’s Kerala unit for repeatedly praising Narendra Modi, has now been told by the party that he will be forgiven for his actions and uncalled for adulation of Modi on only one condition.

The condition put forward by Congress high command is that as a part of punishment for his actions, Tharoor will have to write “Rahul Gandhi is a visionary leader” 1000 times on a piece of paper.

Tharoor undertaking the punishment.
Tharoor undertaking the punishment.

Post this, he will be sent to a reformatory house, where he will have to spent time in Mani Shankar Aiyar‘s company. Congress however confirmed that it was not another punishment, but just an exercise to make Tharoor a true blue Congressman.

“He has hurt sentiments of party and its leaders through his tweets and articles. His acceptance of Modi’s invite to join Swachh Bharat campaign was the final nail in the coffin. So it’s only fair that he faces this disciplinary action,” MM Hassan, Congress Kerala state unit head told Faking News.

What seems to have hurt Congress leaders more than anything else is that there was no mention of anyone from Gandhi parivaar in the articles written by Trivandram MP in praising Modi.

“More than anything else we were disappointed to see there was no paragraph dedicated to hailing leadership of Rahul Gandhi ji, vision of Rajiv Gandhi ji, guidance of Sonia Gandhi ji, genius of Indira Gandhi ji and cuteness of Priyanka ji,” Hassan pointed.

“Had that been there, we would have not made an issue out of it,” added Hassan, justifying his stance to report Tharoor’s actions to leadership in Delhi.

Tharoor however feels that he was being targeted because he is an outsider.

“Had it been someone else, they would have just asked him to write maybe 200 times max,” Tharoor told Faking News.

Meanwhile to support Tharoor in this endeavor, another Congress leader Rajiv Shukla has volunteered to write those lines along with him.

“I don’t need a reason to praise Rahul Ji’s caliber, charm and vision. If my doing so motivates other part leaders, I ll be more than glad,” Shukla revealed.