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Congress to give air tickets to poor people who turn up at Rahul Gandhi’s rallies

20, Nov 2013 By indianpsycho

Jaipur. In a masterstroke that is aimed at attracting crowds to Rahul Gandhi rallies as well as making his promise of helping the poor dream big come true, Congress has announced a lucky draw scheme for Rahul Gandhi’s political rallies.

Under this scheme, tentatively renamed “Rahul Gandhi Hawai Yatra Yojna”, a poor person, who attends a Rahul Gandhi rally and doesn’t leave the ground before the Congress Vice President finishes his speech, will stand a chance to win a free air ticket.

Rahul Gandhi
“I will pick you up and put you up right up there in the sky”

“Every poor person who turns up at the rally would be given a coupon, free of cost, at the time of entering the rally, which he will have to return after filling up his personal details only after Rahul ji’s speech is over. A lucky winner will be selected afterwards,” Congress leader Rajiv Shukla explained the scheme.

“And look, we are not charging anything for the coupon, while BJP charges for Narendra Modi rallies,” Mr. Shukla quickly added.

Party claims that the scheme is not about attracting crowds as Rahul Gandhi was already very popular. The scheme is all about helping the poor dream big and fly in airplanes – something Rahul Gandhi has been repeating in his speeches.

“This will help the poor attain an escape velocity,” Rahul Gandhi suddenly appeared during the announcement and presented his views.

“My mother once again came to my room last night and cried after she was told that poor guys travel by bicycle or on foot,” Rahul revealed before he went back, leaving media persons awestruck.

The details of the free air travel are not yet known, but sources say that the participating airlines could be the government owned Indian Airlines and the poor could be taken to a free ride to Brunei – a country that has a parliament but is ruled by a royal family that has a venerated status among the people.

Some lucky winners could also be taken to Somalia to help the poor attain a confident state of mind, sources tell Faking News.

While these poor people are away, Rahul Gandhi will stay in their homes and have food there, party sources confirm.

However there are reports that after this announcement was made, many well-to-do people were seen conjuring fake evidence to get fake poverty certificates.

“Looks like yet another welfare scheme will fall victim to corruption,” said Mahesh Katju, Panchayat head of the village where Rahul is supposed to hold his first rally with free tickets on offer.