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Congress to project Mandira 'Bedi' as its Delhi CM candidate

21, Jan 2015 By johnrj

New Delhi. Due to the elections turning into a popularity contest which is heating up in Delhi, Congress has planned to bring in Mandira Bedi to contest for the CM’s seat.

“Popularity contest? We will challenge them for a fashion contest!” said rare Congress supporter, “We also wanted someone who has both of the best qualities of the other candidates. Mandira has the last name of Kiran and she has come more times on TV than Arvind Kejriwal. Both qualities in one person? Checkmate!”

Unlike Kiran, this Bedi has all support from Congress leaders, specially those from Youth Wing.
Unlike Kiran, this Bedi has all the support from Congress leaders, specially those from Youth Wing.

Mandira Bedi who was in Australia watching the Tri series was contacted by members of the Congress party who wanted her to immediately fly to India to contest in the elections. Since India was playing badly, Congress leaders assumed that she has a better chance of winning the elections with Congress than watching India win the tri-series.

“She is the perfect candidate for us. Due to constant travelling I heard that she even got a cough which brings the quality of Kejriwal here,” said a supporter, “Kejriwal is challenging everyone for a public debate? We will challenge him for a public ramp walk.”

Many Congress supporting techies have raised slogans such as “MB = 1024 KB”, “MB > KB” referring to Mandira Bedi (MB) and Kiran Bedi (KB). Other congress supporters have supported the slogan hoping that some people will vote for them based on the innovation of the slogan at least.

“Mandira ji was a fashion model who has over 100,000 fans in Facebook,” said a supporter, “We will definitely get all those votes. And to be frank, we have not included her twitter followers yet…”

Rahul Gandhi seemed to be very happy with the recommendation and mentioned that this will be his first step taken to empower women. When informed that even the previous Delhi CM was a woman, he looked puzzled for a second and commented that both women are from the pre-RTI and post-RTI era which are very different and complicated to explain. He further went on to explain the theory of relativity that he researched about during his time in Harvard and its possible uses in Indian politics.

Unfortunately for the supporters, Mandira Bedi has replied that she is not interested to contest in the Delhi elections or any politics for that matter.

Since thousands of posters saying “MB > KB” are already printed, Congress supporters are desperately searching for a candidate with initials MB to contest in the Delhi elections with assurances of getting free food (guaranteed butter chicken or biryani), accommodation and travel allowances till it gets over. More news to follow.