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Congress to raise funds for party by organizing circus shows

26, Jul 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In an attempt to rationalize the process of political funding in India, Congress has taken a lead and announced a series of circus shows all over the country to raise funds for party expenses. Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar, who had earlier likened the grand old party with a circus, has been given the charge of organizing these shows and raising money to meet the operational expenses of the party.

“We aim to fund the whole political campaign in the coming Uttar Pradesh elections through such circus shows,” Congress spokesman Manish Tewari confirmed the development, “A team of chartered accountant, lawyers, and jokers would work with Mr. Tewari and plan out the whole series of circus shows.”

Political circus
A proposed poster for the Congress circus shows

Although party leaders are tight lipped over the proposed events that would be portrayed in the shows, sources say that it would be like any other circus show involving acrobatics, stunts, jugglery, magic, music, and humor.

“The performers would all be Congress party members,” Tewari gave a little detail of the proposed shows but refused to divulge further, “No animals would be used for the circus shows as it’s against Indian laws.”

Mr. Tewari later quickly clarified that his statement shouldn’t be misinterpreted to mean that some members of the Congress party were animals.

Party sources inform that Rahul Gandhi could be given the role of ‘ringmaster’ for all the shows that would happen in Uttar Pradesh. This has led to a scramble among state party leaders to grab other roles for the show, even if it means roles of small clowns to support ‘the joker’.

Sources further inform that even the senior leaders of the party has been asked by the high command to take part in at least one ‘grand show’ that could take place in the national capital. P Chidambaram is rumored to take up the role of ‘tight rope walker’ in the show while Kapil Sibal will juggle at least a dozen balls going round and round in circles.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will also perform a trapeze act where he would be seen flapping his arms while being suspended in the air by a string.

The party will earn revenues through selling tickets and through corporate sponsorships, and the money thus got would be spent in fighting elections in Uttar Pradesh and for organizing other political events.

“Finally people will know what they are paying for,” a party source said.