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Congress voter miraculously turns into BJP voter after seeing a lotus in polling booth premises

07, May 2014 By idiot420

Amethi. Shaktimaan Shukla, a Congress voter miraculously turned into a BJP voter after he saw a lotus in the premises of polling booth number 42 of Amethi Lok Sabha constituency.

The incident happened when Shaktimaan was standing in the queue waiting for his turn to vote. It was then, he spotted a lotus strategically put in a corner to change his political beliefs and loyalty.

Highly manipulative

“The moment Shaktimaan saw the lotus, he fainted, though he regained his consciousness after a couple of minutes. However, just after two minutes, he was someone completely different. He started chanting ‘har har Modi‘ and ‘abki baar, Modi sarkar‘ slogans; he was no more a Congress supporter!” recalled Shaktimaan’s younger brother who was also present at the polling booth.

Sources tell Faking News that Shaktimaan, his family, and his entire mohalla have been traditional voters of Congress. This effect of lotus sighting has left all of them in a state of panic. Afraid of turning into a BJP supporter, all of them started shouting for help after putting their hands (incidentally also the Congress symbol) on their eyes.

As per onlookers who didn’t cover their eyes, none of the Congress poll agents dared or cared to remove the lotus as they too feared turning into BJP supporters. Finally, a dedicated Congressman risked his party loyalty and managed to put his handkerchief over the lotus to cover it.

Later, on the orders of Election Commission, Amethi police destroyed the lotus by shooting bullets into it. “We have ordered Amethi police to check all the polling booths as it could possible that such manipulative things are placed in other booths too,” an EC officer said.

Soon after the incident, Rahul Gandhi requested Congress voters to reach polling booths with their eyes closed so that they successfully end up voting for Congress.

“Our volunteers are going to help them to reach booth by holding their hands. We have got information that BJP agents are roaming all around in Amethi carrying lotus symbols in their hand,” explained Rahul Gandhi while talking to media.

This occasion was also used by many Congress workers to demonstrate to Rahul Gandhi that they were loyal and sight of a lotus didn’t change them.

“Forget being influenced by the sight of a lotus, I can take a bath in pond full of lotuses and still come out clean as a Congressi,” one of them claimed, but was quickly asked to keep quite by other Congress members who accused BJP of trying to influence voters.

Meanwhile, Election Commission has once again reiterated that only because of such incidents they are so against flaunting party symbols near polling booths.