Constitution to be changed to allow minors to become corrupt ministers

28, Jan 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After the sixth accused in the infamous Delhi gangrape case was declared a “minor” on the basis of school certificate, politicians in India are thinking of using the juvenile delinquency laws to their own advantage.

“He (the rape accused) will be a free man just after three years, even though he’s accused of acting in the most ghastly and beastly manner,” a politician marveled at the benefits of being a minor.

“Imagine, if this is what he gets for raping and killing a girl, what he would have got for carrying out corrupt activities like taking bribe or undermining policies,” the politician added,“ Man, one can be free in just a few days, even if there is clinching proof of corruption!”

Corrupt politicians are now hoping to hide behind another law

Sources tell Faking News that politicians are thinking of amending the constitution that disallows minors from voting for contesting elections. They see this as an excellent opportunity where they can get a person under 18 years as a proxy minister, who can be the front to carry out all the corrupt activities.

“They are thinking of allowing those over 13 years i.e. those eligible to join Facebook, to contest elections and become MPs, and finally become ministers in the government,” a source revealed, “Finally they won’t have to worry about their corrupt practices being caught.”

In fact, some of them are planning to declare themselves minor by producing fake school certificates; somewhat on lines of Raja Bhaiyya of Uttar Pradesh, who produced an affidavit that suggested that he had won his first assembly elections when he was just 19, whereas the minimum age-limit as per the Indian constitution to fight elections is 25 years.

Sources suggest that while there is near unanimity among all politicians to allow minors to contest elections, there are sharp divisions between Congress and BJP over allowing minors to vote.

“While Congress claims to have the youth icon Rahul Gandhi, they are not sure if the Facebook generation will vote for them as the social media is dominated by anti-Congress elements,” a source revealed, “They want to wait till they spend the 100 crores rupees on social media effectively.”