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Convert Teen Murti Bhavan to a designated protest place: Anna Hazare

28, Aug 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: As Government mulls a plan to convert Teen Murti Complex to a museum for all previous PMs, veteran protester Anna Hazare has given his suggestion for the iconic complex in the heart of Delhi. Experienced faster Hazare has asked the government to declare it as the designated place for all fasts unto death to be held in the capital from now on.

Anna Hazare

Earlier, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had written a letter opposing any changes to the present complex as it will detract from Pandit Nehru’s legacy. Congress has been opposing any plans to change Teen Murti Bhavan but sources say they may agree to Anna Hazare’s proposal.

Speaking to the media at the site of a protest, Anna Hazare said,  “What Delhi needs is a good place for protests. Jantar Mantar is always so crowded thanks to thousands of useless protests that I never get a good place to sit there. Ramlila maidaan reminds me of Arvind Kejriwal and how he ditched me to start a political party so I don’t want to go there. Teen Murti Bhavan will be perfect as the location is good and there is sufficient area to accommodate dozens of my followers who would join me.”

“Right now, I can only protest during winters but at Teen Murti, I can protest indoors as well so summer protests will not be a problem as well. Then I can organize a fast unto death every month of the year. There are so many issues for which I have to protest so that will help me achieve my annual target of protests easily,” Mr. Hazare added.

Further, Mr. Hazare said, “If government doesn’t agree to my demand, I will start a fast unto death till they agree.”