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Crackers burst outside Congress party HQ on Sunday cured my breathing problem- Environment Activist

10, Nov 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: An Environmental activist who was campaigning for Cracker-less Diwali for twenty years, has suddenly revealed that ‘her breathing problem was cured by crackers burst outside Congress party Headquarters’. Incidentally, she was on the road outside Congress party Headquarters here, when this miraculous cure happened.

Even the Delhi air felt cleaner on that day. But it will be polluted again on Diwali and I may get back my breathing illness,” said Sheila with a sad face.

Sheila Butt, aged 38, the environmental activist who claimed about this cure, spoke to us, “Before talking about this miracle, I have to say how I started this noble campaign against Crackers. I was born in a Hindu family and my father along with my brothers used to burst a lot of crackers during Diwali. Because of the harmful smoke and the dangerous decibels that emanated from the crackers burst during Diwali, I got this breathing problem at the age of 17. Even after running from small clinics to respiratory specialists for a year, my breathing problem never got cured. So, at the age of 18, when I was in my first year of college, I started a rally a week before the Diwali, requesting people around my college to avoid crackers on Diwali.”

Suppressing her wide smile, she continued, “There was no turning back then. I did not get any job, so I became an activist. Because of my effective campaigning for the past twenty years, many families gave up crackers and instead either hugged each other or played NaragasurMom-NaragasurChild during Diwali. But my health did not improve. Whenever there is cracker smoke around, I end up having fits of cough. So, I never venture out in Diwali week. I had suffered a lot in the past twenty years, till 8th November 2015.”

“I was walking on the Akbar Road, last Sunday, when we heard that Laluji is winning the Bihar elections. Being an ardent Congress voter all my life, I am happy this time that the party which was supported by Congress won it. This was a slap on the face of anti-Environment Hindutva parties. With all these happiness, I forgot that I did not cough even after crackers were bursting all around me in the road and I was enveloped by cracker smoke. For the first time in my life, my illness related to cracker smoke has stopped. This Bihar election is indeed a vote against my breathing intolerance,” beamed Sheila.