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Daily power cuts part of Gurgaon city's rebranding as Gurugram- ML Khattar

30, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Gurugram: Haryana Chief Minister ML Khattar has assured the residents of Gurugram that there is no shortage of electricity in the state and the daily power cuts are part of the rebranding exercise of the city. Gurgaon City’s name was changed to Gurugram recently.

Gurugram at night

Residents of Gurugram are facing severe power cuts these days. In some cases, the power supply was off throughout the night as well. However, CM has now assured everyone that there is no shortage of power.

“We understand that some residents are facing a bit of an inconvenience but we seek their support during this transition to Gurugram. When we are renaming Gurgaon city to Gurugram, we must ensure that power supply here mirrors the power supply that people in other grams (villages) receive. Opposition parties will try to raise this issue as one of power shortage but rest assured, we have enough power to not only meet our own needs but to supply it to other states as well”, said CM Khattar.

When we asked why they don’t improve power supply situation in other villages instead of reducing power supply in Gurugram, Mr. Khattar said, “Our villagers are very hard working people. It is mostly because they don’t sit around TV or Laptop wasting their time like the urban people. Now if we start providing them 24 hrs power, they will also become lazy. Then how will we feed our population of 125 Crores?”

Faking News tried to speak to some of the residents of Gurugram who were very upset with the power situation. “During the day it is fine. I go to a Multiplex to watch a film or spend time in Metro where there is always air-conditioning. Problem begins at night when there is no power and I can’t go out also. At least give us power then. Din me basa lo apna gram”, said Vijay Beniwal, a resident of sector 46, Gurgaon.

However, CM Khattar dismissed the suggestion of providing uninterrupted power supply at night. “By cutting power at night, we are making sure that people sleep in the open under the beautiful view of starry skies. They should be thanking us for this service”, said the CM before going to sit in his AC car as there was no power in his office.