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Dead rat found in Congress office, Ajay Maken says BJP office has two dead rats

15, Jul 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A huge political storm broke out this morning when a dead rat was found in the Congress office located at Akbar Road. The rat was most probably dead due to hunger or due to a lethal attack by a hungry cat, but its death became the talking point of politics that followed.

“Congress office had either a hungry rat or a hungry cat. If they can’t take care of hunger of even those in office, how can they promise to eradicate hunger through Food Security Bill,” BJP leader Narendra Modi told a gathering of party supporters amidst thundering applause.

Ajay Maken
Sources tell Faking News that Ajay Maken is talking to Digvijay Singh in the above picture

The statement by Modi was debated widely on Twitter by trolls and journalists (not mutually exclusive groups) and people wondered if Modi was pro-rat or pro-cat.

“Forget his ideology, he has insulted every citizen of India by comparing them with rats and cats. Zero marks for sensitivity,” claimed a tweet that got 50 ret-tweets and 500 abuses.

While debate enraged on social and mainstream media, Congress jumped in to defend itself. In a hurriedly called press conference, Congress leader Ajay Maken said that Modi had no rights to talk about dead rats.

“We have confirmed reports that there are at least two dead rats in the Gujarat office of BJP,” Maken claimed, “One of the rats died of hunger while another was killed in a fake encounter.”

Maken further showed pictures of rat-poison sachets lying around BJP office to prove his point about fake encounter, though he didn’t comment on whether a dead rat was actually found in the Congress office.

He further pointed out to “rat biryani” being served in an Ahmedabad-bound train (though Indian Railways is under central government’s control) to prove how BJP’s record in this area was abysmal.

“With such a track record, how can he (Modi) attack Congress?” questioned the Congress leader trusted with media management ahead of the next general elections.

Both Congress and BJP camps were claiming to have won the crucial policy debate when reports last came in.