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Debate around Presidential elections reveals Hamid Ansari as Vice President

03, May 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Millions of college/KFC going and TOI reading youth had no idea who the Vice President of India was, or whether India had any such constitutional post at all, but thanks to the news reports and TV debates around the upcoming elections to choose a new President of India, these guys now know about Hamid Ansari and the post of Vice President.

Experts believe that this could be the most significant outcome of the elections, which usually results in selection of a person who gets to spend five years in a big house called Rashtrapati Bhavan with frequent foreign trips and post-retirement benefits.

“I used to think Hamid Ansari was the President of Afghanistan!” said Pritam Kapur, an MTV Roadies aspirant who also discovered Hamid Karzai due to the ongoing presidential debate.

Hamid Ansari
Hamid Ansari, looks somewhat similar to IK Gujral, another person about whom the youth didn’t know anything.

Super excited at his twin discoveries, Pritam further concluded that the post of Vice President must have been created as the President was often out of the country on foreign trips, or because there was too much workload, like taking decisions on hanging someone for murder, for a Lonely Planet lonely President.

“But where does the Vice President live? Is there any Up-Rashtrapati Bhavan? Or he is allocated a room in Rashtrapati Bhavan? I heard there are over 1000 rooms there, no?” Pritam wondered.

Some others like Deepak Naik are in a better position as they claim to have known about Hamid Ansari, though they didn’t know that he was the Vice President.

“I was switching channels sometimes back and I accidentally saw those scenes of that guy named Rajneeti something tearing that Lokpal script in the Parliament,” Deepak recalled, “And I had seen this guy sitting in the chair of Meera Kumar – that lady who always says ‘baith jaaiye, baith jaaiye’ – I thought he was assistant of Meera Kumar. Man, he turned out to be the assistant of Pratibha Patil!”

Faking News talked to at least 19 more young Indians and most of them agreed that they came to know about Hamid Ansari or the post of Vice President only after the recent news reports.

“Man, now don’t tell me there is some Vice Prime Minister too!” Alok, one of the respondents said, “Wait. Rahul Gandhi is what?”