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Delhi Auto driver, who agreed to go by meter, declared CM candidate by Congress

10, Nov 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. An auto driver from Mayapuri has become talk of the town after becoming the first driver in years to charge passengers as per meter.

His identity came to light after a resident of the city who decided to the board the auto suffered massive heart attack when the he told him to pay as per meter, which was not even tampered.

The news later spread like a wildfire and within minutes, auto union decided to go on a strike till elements like him are expelled from the city.

Delhi auto
A rare incident in New Delhi brought a rare virtue to the forth

However, Congress high command has reacted rather positively to the news. In a hurriedly conducted party meet, driver’s name was considered for Delhi’s Chief Minister.

The party meet was not attended by incumbent Delhi CM and Congress leader Shiela Dixit, as she was reportedly busy disowning responsibility for the shocking incident. She claimed that she herself has been a victim of such manipulative drivers who charge as per meter.

However, sources indicate that she will have no choice but to back the auto driver as party’s CM candidate because the party high command was in favor of such a move.

“There is hardly anyone in Delhi Congress with better goodwill than Sheila Dixit. But Sheila ji is facing anti-incumbency. Both BJP and Aam Aadmi Party are trying to project people with clean image as CM candidates. It would be near impossible to find a candidate more honest than this auto driver in such a short span of time,” a Delhi Congress leader explained.

Experts say with this move, Congress has managed to kill two birds with single stone.

“Not only they have got a person who is honest, they can claim to work for the poor as the auto driver comes from a poor family,” a political expert told Faking News.

“We want every auto driver of this country to dream that he can become Chief Minister of an Indian state,” party Vice President Rahul Gandhi said declaring the driver as the party’s CM candidate for Delhi assembly polls.

“But what about the post of Prime Minister?” BJP countered Rahul Gandhi’s pitch, but BJP leader conceded that they have been flummoxed by this decision of Congress.

On the other hand, AAP is trying to convince the driver to reject Congress’ offer.

“He should look at Manmohan Singh. Currently he has the freedom to charge as per a non-faulty meter, but will he retain the same freedom after becoming Chief Minister? Meter se cheater ban jaayega,” AAP leader Kumar Vishwas claimed.

Faking News also spoke to the driver, whose name is not being disclosed to protect him from other drivers.

“Please forgive me and leave me alone. I don’t want to be part of any political party. I am not aware of the way autowalas work here. I have just moved here from Mumbai after being kicked out of the city. Now I don’t know where to go,” said the driver who hails from Bihar.

Latest reports suggest that auto drivers in Bangalore have called an emergency meeting and decided to block all entry points to the city so that this erring driver doesn’t move to Bangalore after running away from Delhi politics.