Delhi becomes emotional after realizing it will dramatically change with AAP in power

23, Dec 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Shortly after it became apparent that Aam Aadmi Party would form government with outside support of Congress, residents of the city became emotional with many of them being spotted crying out loudly at public places.

Arvind Kejriwal Delhi CM
Arvind Kejriwal seeking referendum from people over which suit he should wear during swearing-in ceremony.

On probing a few of them, it was found that they were full of nostalgia as their beloved city was now set to witness a dramatic change in just 15 days.

“The Aam Aadmi Party looks so confident of bringing about changes and fulfilling the promises made by them in their manifesto that we are now beginning to believe and fear that it might just happen, just the way nation started believing in the Sir Jadeja myth overtime,” a resident from Green Park told Faking News.

According to the people it’s the manifesto of AAP that has spiralled the emotions within them.

“They have promised passage of Jan Lokpal bill in 15 days along with 700 liters of free water, women’s safety, 50% reduction electricity prices, controlled inflation among thousand other promises of the sort a superman would think twice before making,” another resident from Karampura said.

“And thanks to Congress we are just not used to all these things. So it will be difficult to get adjusted to this reformed Delhi so soon,” he further added wiping a tear off his face.

Many Delhiites who were thinking of going and settling abroad have put their plans on hold and have decided to wait for next 15 days. “What’s the point of going to London, Chicago etc when Delhi will as it is become a world class city in next 15 days as assured by Arvind Kejriwal ji,” asked a person tearing his air tickets to US.

Fully aware that Arvind Kejriwal likes to involve common man and seeks their referendum in every decision, many service professionals in the city have applied for VRS in their offices.

“It’s kind of difficult to work 9 hours a day and then participate in these mohalla sabhas. With pressure of job off my mind, I can then fully concentrate on these meetings,” a 28 year old IT professional said while writing his resignation letter.

Meanwhile an MLA from AAP has welcomed this move and promised to recruit unemployed youth of the city in the places vacated by such professionals.

“See we told you we will create employment,” the MLA proudly said.