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Delhi BJP fully prepared to lose another election if assembly is dissolved: Manoj Tiwari

22, Jan 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Disqualification of 20 Aam Aadmi Party by the Election Commission has signaled a political crisis in Delhi. While some sources say that AAP will challenge this decision n Courts, some experts are saying that it will lead to fresh elections for those 20 seats and others are saying we may see Arvind Kejriwal dissolve the assembly and seek fresh mandate in all the seats. The principal opposition in Delhi, Bharteeya Janta Party has already indicated that they are fully prepared to lose again if fresh elections are called in Delhi.

Celebrations already started at BJP office

BJP has been out of power in Delhi for the past 2 decades. Even as the party fortunes saw an upswing across the nation with governments even in North-East, Delhi unit of the party has somehow managed to avoid power consistently. The streak looks unlikely to be broken in the near future as well.

Speaking to the media, Delhi BJP President said ,”We are fully prepared to taste defeat, delay is from Kejriwal’s end only. It is in his interest to call the elections now, otherwise by 2020, we will be in majority with our 4 MLAs with everyone else disqualified. As far as our preparations are concerned, we don’t need too much preparations to ensure a defeat in Delhi assembly, everyone in our unit is total expert at it by now.”

“Hopefully the elections will happen this year if they have to happen because if they got clubbed with Lok Sabha elections, we may end up winning given that most Delhiites prefer us during Lok Sabha elections. Main tak jeet gaya tha Lok Sabha me to”, the MP from North-East Delhi added.

Meanwhile, veteran leader Sheila Dixit has advised Arvind Kejriwal to call for fresh elections without worrying about BJP at all.

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