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Delhi BJP MLAs to hire personal marshals for respectful exit from Vidhan Sabha in future

26, Jun 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. With their eviction from Delhi Assembly now becoming a norm, 3 BJP MLAs of Delhi have decided to hire their personal marshals who would ensure their respectful exit from assembly in future.

“It has now become a routine for us to get roughed up by marshals at drop of a hat and disrespectfully thrown out from Vidhan Sabha on orders of AAP MLA from Shahadra and speaker Ram Niwas Goel,” explained BJP MLA OP Sharma.

An everyday scene in Delhi assembly.
An everyday scene in Delhi assembly.

“So much so that I have forgotten the last time I walked out from the assembly on my own foot,” he added. “Therefore to ensure that all our expulsions from assembly in future are respectful, with our dignity intact, we have hired personal marshals and bouncers who would take us out like a human being ought to.”

“We would signal them as soon as we are going to make a statement even remotely critical of Kejriwal or AAP and they would then be on their toes. And before situation gets any ugly they will come and take us away,” he went on to explain.

BJP MLAs further claim that they were losing their self respect in front of family members when they would watch them get expelled in that fashion from Delhi Assembly.

“Although we weren’t really making an issue out of it since all 3 of us were actually enjoying the thrill associated with it, but it really did not look so on TVs and images that were being circulated,” revealed another BJP MLA from Rohini, Vijender Gupta.

“My 20 year old son thought that they were bouncers throwing me out for misbehaving with some female MLA in assembly. As being a frequent visitor to discotheques and pubs, he had witnessed such scenes only when perverts would start getting personal with girls there,” he went on to disclose his personal ordeal, hoping to win back lost respect in his eyes.