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Delhi cabinet will have a special minister who will keep track of defamation cases against the CM: Kejriwal

23, May 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court today sought the response of Arvind Kejriwal on a fresh Rs 10 crore defamation suit filed by Union Minister Arun Jaitley over the use of an objectionable word by the Chief Minister’s lawyer Ram Jethmalani recently. Kejriwal, who is fed up of such allegations now wants a separate minister to look after such cases.kejriwal_jaitley_759

Arun Jaitley has been continuously accusing the Delhi CM of defaming him and Kejriwal has been seeking legal advice on all such cases. But the number of cases has increased leaps and bounds and it is difficult for the CM to focus on governance. That’s the reason he called a cabinet meeting on Monday and decided to have a cabinet ranked minister taking care of such allegations.

The new minister has not yet been finalized and there will be interview rounds to select the same. The criteria mainly would be a person’s ability to project a defamation as a brain fade moment of the CM. Kejriwal wants someone very close to him to become the DGM (Defamation governing minister). In fact now he has promised that he will start defaming more politicians with the burden of tracking all charges taken off him.

The role of the new minister will be well documented and he will get bureaucrats to work under him, lawyers will he hired to provide legal advice, and reports will be furnished every month in a cabinet meeting. Kejriwal will also set a target of number of defamation cases won and based on that he will decide the future course of actions. The decision might come as a strong blow to Mr  Ram Jethmalani, who was charging consulting fees as well as court appearance fees from the Delhi government as now he will be able to charge only appearance fees from the government.