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Delhi CM Kejriwal urges students to chase their answer papers, to avoid teachers tampering them

09, Feb 2015 By manithan

Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has urged students of Delhi to chase their answer papers and be vigilant of storehouses of their papers. He further said that they should be careful that teachers don’t tamper their papers.

In a series of tweets yesterday, CM Kejriwal had said, “I urge Delhi school students who gave their final exams to be vigil of their paper correction center. It is monitored by Center/Modi. Be careful.”

“If possible, have spy cams, chase answer papers, be vigil, never allow teachers to tamper your answer sheets. It is your swaraj,” he added.

The neutral mainstream media lauded Kejriwal in his efforts to let students decide their course of action.

Kejriwal Sisodia
Chief Minister Kejriwal holding answer sheet of a student who had been failed. He alleged tampering by teachers with Hindutva ideology and remarked ‘Modi has failed this boy. Is this Achche din?’

One such reporter (who we don’t want to reveal) said, “This is a great move by Kejriwalji. This shows his political acumen and his vision for educational reforms. Who would have imagined the right of students, to know how their answer papers are getting corrected? Do you know that the future of so many students is in the paper correction facilities? If there is some form of tampering by teachers who want to fail the students, then it should be found out and corrected. Happy that I had voted for AAP. But, excuse me please, I need to go for a book launch. ”

AAP spokesperson and minister for education, Ashutosh, spoke to Faking News. He further added many valuable points to CM’s tweets. He said, “We all know that BJP plays dirty tricks. Education department at centre is handled by a person who is giving more room for Hindutva. What if she had appointed more RSS persons as teachers in the correction facility? There can be even secret rules conveyed to those teachers, that only Hindu kids should get more marks and minority students should be failed. They can even tamper the papers, if they find out that paper is written by student who likes AAP. Because, BJP always does dirty tricks to destroy its opponents and nothing is best than removing a person by failing him in his first entry to the world – school final exams. So, we have urged our Delhi students to chase their answer papers. We will provide them spy cam so that they can monitor whether their papers go to teacher with neutral ideology.”

When we asked him how they will identify neutral teacher performing validation or whether answer paper belongs to AAP supporter or not, he laughed and continued, “See, any honest teacher obviously belongs to AAP and so we should be given the power to appoint teachers for answer paper validation. Next, Hindu students or BJP supporters usually write ‘Om’ or ‘Jai Shri ram’ at top of their answer paper. One that doesn’t do,  can be segregated as belonging to AAP, because we only have supporters who don’t consider religion above their life. Using spy cam, students can monitor whether some BJP appointed teacher enters the vicinity or not. Also, we urge transparency in paper correction. Every student should have right to see how their paper is being validated, so that they can protest outside the centre if they are not happy with the way it is being validated.”

After hearing the news, students from across the India urge Aam Aadmi Party to contest elections in their respective states and become governing party for all the states.

One student from Chennai, said in between shouts of joy, “This is indeed a golden moment for our students. BJP has ruined the Indian education system for the past sixty years. It is time, AAP reforms the education system and give more power to the students so that they can taunt the person who validates their answer paper.”

Meanwhile, few students had been trying to break the computer monitor in certain online exam centres.

One such person who was detained by school management, cried to us, “I had chosen all the radio buttons perfectly. But, the result is showing failed. Sab mile huen hai ji. This is a conspiracy by Ambani (the internet is of Reliance) and other Hindu groups to fail me and make me poor. I wanted to chase my answer papers and so was trying to enter into the monitor. Why are these people making a big fuss out of it?”