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Delhi Govt and MCD swing into action by blaming each other after flooding of roads

15, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: As Delhi witnessed flooded roads all over the city after a heavy downpour yesterday, both BJP controlled MCD and AAP run Delhi government immediately swung into action. Both started blaming each other for poor state of roads minutes after visuals of flooded roads went viral.

If you get bored stuck in the traffic jam, you can swim outside to relax

Roads across the national capital resembled rivers and traffic ground to a halt with long jams across the city. MCD and Delhi government have assured residents that the roads will improve drastically once they make it clear to the public that the other party is to blame.

“The roads are in a terrible state and the sewerage system is a mess. We must make the people aware that it is AAP Government’s responsibility. There are so many government bodies in Delhi that common people get confused who they should blame. Therefore, it is our duty to make them aware and show them who exactly is to be blamed. Entire AAP is busy campaigning in Punjab, Goa, Gujarat and they have abandoned Delhi. Once everyone comes to know that AAP is to be blamed, then we can move on to fixing the sewerage system”, said a Delhi BJP member.

AAP immediately hit back with an AAP spokesperson saying,”We all know that this is a conspiracy by Narendra Modi. He couldn’t see the pace at which AAP Government was going so he tried to stop us by flooding all the roads. However, he doesn’t know that we all have brooms and we are Harry Potter fans. We will just fly over the flooded roads towards progress. We just want to make people aware that poor sewerage system has been designed by MCD at the behest of Modi.”

Meanwhile, Delhi BJP unit has started a dharna outside CM Kejriwal’s house and AAP MLAs have started a dharna outside Narendra Modi’s house protesting against the poor state of roads in Delhi.