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Delhi Govt to give cash reward of 10 Crores to Bhagwant Mann for his sacrifices for the nation

23, Jan 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: AAP government in Delhi has decided to honor the great sacrifices made for the nation by party leader Bhagwant Mann. A resolution was passed today in a special session of Delhi Assembly where they decided to honor him with a cash reward of 10 Crores.

bhagwant mannThis special session was called only to discuss the suitable reward for Mann’s sacrifices for the nation. Earlier, Bhagwant Mann had sworn that he is giving up alcohol, a decision hailed as a great sacrifice for the people of this country by Arvind Kejriwal.

Speaking to the press outside Delhi Assembly, party leader Sanjay Singh said, “AAP has always tried to recognize the sacrifices for the nation and honor them accordingly. As our party leader Kejriwal ji said that this is one of the greatest sacrifices ever so we knew we have to honor it.”

“There was total unanimity in the assembly that this deserved at least 10 Crores in cash from Delhi Government. There were some talks of a statue in his honor as well but then majority thought that we should keep that for even bigger sacrifices, like Kejriwal ji giving up Samosa or something”, he added.

Meanwhile, after hearing this news, Bhagwant Mann said, “Arey Yaar, ab to pakka chhodni padegi.”