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Delhi Metro to dedicate first driverless train to previous central govt, to call it 'UPA'

09, Jun 2015 By dasu

New Delhi. Delhi metro received the 1st driverless train from South Korea recently and they have plans to operationalize it soon. DMRC ran a survey to find out a suitable name for the train. The majority of voting public suggested the name “UPA”.

Faking News reporter met DMRC managing director Mangu Singh to know the reason behind this name. Mr. Singh said, “Initially we thought about naming it taarzan the wonder car metro, however our engineers told us though this metro train has lot of inbuilt intelligence but still falls short of the capabilities the wonder car displayed in the movie.”

The driverless train that arrived in Delhi from Korea.
The driverless train that arrived in Delhi from Korea.

“Majority of public voted for the name UPA as they have experienced something running without a driver for 10 years. Please note Delhi metro comes under administrative control of ministry of urban development of central government. We were quite surprised when central government accepted our proposal and approved this name without any objection.”

“I also feel the name UPA is appropriate as they were the first government which governed the country successfully for 10 years without having a driver. Though many Congressmen are upset with us as this is something for which they have already applied for patent and once patented they would like to retain the brand name UPA under copy right violation.”

Faking News spoke to one of the senior Congress general secretary to know his reaction. Secretary told us on the condition of anonymity, “Everybody blamed us we were running remote controlled government, now see what the current government is doing? This suit-boot ki sarkar after grabbing land of farmers is taking the job of the drivers. I agree to certain extent our driver was not active, but he was able to understand the signals from madam and executed them perfectly by taking no or little action. If they really want to give us credit, let them rename the control room after Mrs. Gandhi.”

As per our sources AAP is not happy with this development, but they have no time to react on this matter. When we wanted to speak to party supremo Arvind Kejriwal to know his reaction, the Chief Minister’s office sent us a message that read, “Currently CM is busy in his Jung with LG and we do not know when that will get over. Most of the days he is waiting outside President’s house for his turn. You may try you luck there. However AAP stands for aam public, we do not want to stop after making metro driverless, going forward our ambition is to make metro ride free of any charge for up to 10 kilometers every day”.