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Delhi MLAs propose 'Corruption Temptation Resistance Allowance' for legislators

10, Dec 2015 By srbhai

New Delhi: A group of Delhi MLAs from the Aam Aadmi Party, have suggested the creation of a new ‘corruption temptation resistance allowance’ (CTR allowance) to be given as part of the monthly salary of Delhi legislators.

Kejriwal lost in his own thoughts on 'Corruption Temptation Resistance Allowance
Kejriwal lost in his own thoughts on ‘Corruption Temptation Resistance Allowance

They feel that the temptation to get involved in corruption is too high, given the position of power that they are in.

Speaking exclusively to faking news, Shri Praveen Kumar, AAP MLA from Jangpura, who was also part of the group that proposed the revolutionary 400% salary hike back in July 2015 said, “We are regularly meeting with industrialists, mediapersons, and others who are always willing to pay bribes for certain decisions. Until now we have clearly said no to such things. This has only been possible because of the high standards of AAP. But we are almost always in a situation where our minds and character can slip. Hence we feel that this is a very important step forward.”

He is part of the group of MLAs who has made this proposal.

On being asked for a comment, Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi, had this to say, “I think this is a very novel idea to end the scourge of corruption. This was our promise and we will achieve the death of corruption at all costs. If after this also, any minister indulges in corruption then we will throw them out.”

He also added, “I think Mr. Modi also should get CTR allowance. When he meets Obamaji, he must be feeling embarrassed to admit that he never takes bribes unlike all other politicians.”

He was speaking on the sidelines of a function to felicitate Shri Praveen Kumar in the Jangpura mohalla sabha by its residents, for the hard work done by Shri Kumar.

Shri Kejriwal was invited as chief guest. When he was asked by a journalist on what he had to say on being caught napping in the assembly, he dismissed this accusation saying he was just meditating and trying to focus inward, after which he was able to concentrate completely on the proceedings of the Assembly.

On being questioned, whether there was any plan to hold a referendum on this issue, Kejriwal explained, “No there is no need for a referendum on this since I know the rhythm of the heartbeat of our people very well, I know the warmth of their every breath. I am familiar with the exact shade of redness of the blood that runs in their veins. When I was meditating for a couple of minutes in the assembly yesterday, I realized that we have the support of the entire population of Delhi and I am truly overwhelmed by their support”.

There was a hint of moistness in Shri Kejriwal’s eyes. The members of the press did not have any further questions to ask him.

The Assembly Speaker Shri Ram Nivas Goel has referred this proposal to an independent 3-member committee involving prominent persons of the citizenry of Delhi, with one retired judge of Delhi High Court and one person from the media.

The Chief Whip of Government of Delhi said that he was proud to be an AAP member today. “With respect to the CTR allowance proposal, my party unanimously requested Hon’ble Speaker to leave the matter entirely to a Committee of Experts to be constituted with outsiders as its Members. Hon’ble Speaker Shri Ram Niwas Goel accepted the request. Delhi is showing the way. For the second time in the history of independent India, I can proudly claim, the Delhi Assembly made this pioneering move aimed at restoring the credibility of elected representatives. It has voluntarily given up the constitutional and statutory privilege of fixing the salaries of MLAs on its own. I am sure and I hope it will inspire all the right thinking people to adopt course correction across the country. I congratulate the Chief Minister and the Delhi Government.”

Shri Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister, said while speaking on this bill in the Assembly, “This is a revolutionary bill which will end corruption once and for all. After this no sitting minister should have any hesitation in saying no to bribes. We propose a CTR allowance which will be 400% of the current gross salary of a member of legislature. This is very much needed to serve the people of this great city of Delhi more efficiently. We cannot deny the need for money when it comes to serving the people.”

“Currently we are not able to attend public gatherings like weddings and ribbon cutting ceremonies, for the fear of being tempted to accept bribes. Especially when we have visitors at home, I feel severly pressurized by my wife who keeps saying ‘Lelo, tumhara kya jaega? leke mujhe dedo, koi guilt feeling bhi nahi hogi tumhe’. This is an attempt to create an environment for the MLAs, in which they do not have to look for an alternative source of income,” added Shri Praveen Kumar.

Another MLA who did not wish to be named said “kya kare sir, sab log toh Kejriwal nahi bansakte hain na, chai pani ke liye kuch to karna padega.”