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Delhi's polluted air miraculously cures Kejriwal's chronic cough

04, Dec 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: While rest of Delhi is grappling with respiratory problems and other ailments that were let loose by rising pollution levels in the capital, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal has a reason to smile.

Kejriwal celebrating with AAP party members after he managed to cure his cough
Kejriwal celebrating with AAP party members after he managed to cure his cough

As per sources within the party, Mr. Kejriwal, who has been afflicted with cough since he joined the Anna movement, miraculously cured himself which he attributes to the polluted air.

The Delhi CM spoke to Faking News reporter on how something that has been bothering him for so long managed to vanish without a trace. “You may have seen me coughing on TV at most media briefings. I tried a lot of things to treat my ailment. From allopathy, Yoga, and Dr. Batra’s, to even ‘hug’ therapy which I tried with Lalu Yadav when I went Bihar. But nothing worked like Delhi’s polluted air,” said the Delhi Chief Minister while hugging Ashutosh, celebrating his recovery from persistent dry cough.

When questioned as to how pollution turned out to be the cure, he replied, “Earlier there was lot of corruption and pollution in air and I am very sensitive to corruption. We have managed to reduce corruption, so my cough is showing signs of improvement. As for the pollution, we are designing an app for that too.”

Mr. Kejriwal’s recovery has given hope to millions who suffer from lung related problems. Delhi Govt. is taking all possible steps to make sure that pollution doesn’t drop to low levels.

Twitter was abuzz with ‘u-turn’ jokes again with many saying that AAP leader had taken a u-turn yet again as most Delhi-ites were suffering and Kejriwal found a cure for himself. “I am not surprised. AAP haters just want to troll the party. Why can’t people look at the positive side? Maybe like Medical Tourism we can have Pollution Tourism. Imagine how much revenue that will generate for the country,” argued AAP spokesperson Raghav Chadha.

There were reports that AAP is planning to make an ad that will educate people about the ‘miraculous cure’. “This is nothing short of an achievement and people need to know this, especially those who question us on what we have achieved in since we came to power,” said Mr. Kejriwal.