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Demonetisation's main aim was to teach Indians how to stand in a queue: PM Modi

27, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: As the demonetisation edges closer to its half century, PM Narendra Modi has finally revealed the real reason behind this step by his government. During the past 7 weeks, we have heard several different reasons for demonetisation. From fighting corruption to removing black money, fighting terrorism, human trafficking, drugs trade to moving towards a cashless economy, several reasons have been given for this move. However, now PM Modi has clarified that the real reason behind the move was to teach Indians how to stand in a queue patiently.

Indians in a queue- Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Indians are notorious for their inability to stand in a queue and every place where one is required to stand in a queue looked like a potential stampede. However, during the 7 weeks of demonetisation, entire India stood patiently in queues. From banks to ATMs, there were orderly queues all over the place and this miracle was achieved through demonetisation.

Addressing the crowd at a rally in UP, PM Modi said ,”When I became the PM< people told me that you can’t change the fundamental nature of Indians. You can’t make them love cleanliness, you can’t make them love girl child as much as boy child, you can’t make them stand in queues. Since I always loved challenges, I decided that I must change all that. While work is ongoing for cleanliness and girl child, at least one challenge we have successfully conquered. We have shown the world that Indians can stand orderly in a queue and that too, without the fear of getting hit by a policeman’s lathi.”

“For the past 50 days, my nation supported me and stood in millions of lines. Every bank branch had a queue, every working ATM had a queue, every closed ATM also had a queue for some reason. Maybe people just loved standing in queues so much that they were queuing up everywhere. This was the main reason behind introducing demonetisation and I must say, it has been a resounding success”, PM Modi added.

Meanwhile, a cabinet meeting has been called later today where PM Modi will seek ideas that can ensure Indians keep queuing up at one place or the other.