Devendra Fadnavis promises strict action to tackle Pune floods, will soon release a song with wife Amruta

27, Sep 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. In February, the video, titled Mumbai River Anthem, had gone viral on social media with 6,69,050 views on YouTube in two days since. It showed Amruta singing and swaying to the music before she is joined by her husband lip-syncing to the song sung by Sonu Nigam. Devendra and his wife are pretty sure that the song was helpful in making the rivers clean.


He now wants to use music to deal with the floods in Pune. At a time when Maharashtra needs him, he is busy in Delhi to finalize the seat-sharing with Shivsena for the upcoming Maharashtra polls. But he spoke to the Faking News team and said that a song is ready and soon he and his wife will shoot it.

The opposition had slammed the couple saying, “To further her singing career, Amruta has used the chief minister, senior civic and police officials, and also the chief minister’s official residence, Varsha, where part of the video was shot.” But Amruta is unmoved by the criticism and says that music is the cure to all problems.

Devendra has requested the team to provide strong lyrics as the floods are too powerful this time around and would require more power to drive it away. Anu Malik has been roped in to do the music for the song, and he has already started listening to songs of many languages to get an original tune from.