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Digvijay Singh becomes first man to have ISO certified integrity

22, Apr 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Congress leader and former CM of Madhya Pradesh, Digvijay Singh has made India proud by becoming the first human being on earth to get an ISO certification for his integrity.

Diggy Raja, as he is fondly called, now has an ISO 9001:2008 certificate for his integrity, which means now he can officially question anyone’s integrity without worrying about defamation suits, unless of course the other person too has ISO certified integrity.

“We took the decision after observing him in the last two-three years,” informed Mr. Sharad Pawar, Union Minister for Agriculture, who is also the head of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a member body of the International Organization for Standardization that determines the standards for ISO certification.

Digvijay Singh
Digvijay Singh is seen happy here after receiving the certificate on his integrity

Sharad Pawar further informed that Digvijay Singh had been “under observation” for the last couple of years after he started questioning the authenticity, credibility and integrity of events, institutions and individuals.

Soon after, BIS officials realized that there has been a “standard pattern” in what Digvijay Singh said or questioned, and his actions were very “system driven” that always satisfied a set of “patrons”; something that qualified him for getting a certificate under the ISO 9000 family of standards.

“He was awarded ISO 9001:2008 as 2008 was the years after which his standards were set,” said Sharad Pawar, who also clarified that an approval by BIS meant that Digvijay was also eligible for an “ISI mark” on his integrity.

Following the certification, Digvijay Singh has arguably become the most upright person in India right now, something that might make him eligible for the post of “Jan Lokpal”, but Diggy Raja denied that he had any such ambitions.

“I don’t want any posts, I’m happy with this certificate that proves that I faithfully adhere to the standards of family,” Digvijay Singh said in a press conference accepting the certificate from Mr. Pawar.

“I meant family of standards,” he later clarified.

Digvijay Singh also said that he’d soon release an ISO certified CD of the conversation between Shanti Bhushan and Amar Singh, which will put the controversy to rest.