Digvijay Singh dismisses rumors of Chhota Bheem becoming Congress Vice President after current VP Rahul Gandhi is all set for promotion

02, Jun 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi’s coronation as the President of Congress party has got the rumor mills working overtime with many people speculating that Rahul Gandhi might pass the baton to Chhota Bheem.

Can Chhota Bheem make it to the Congress Party
Can Chhota Bheem make it to the Congress Party

Senior leaders however dismissed the rumors saying that Chhota Bheem lacks what it takes to be the vice president of Congress party.

Speaking to Faking News Digvijay Singh spoke on the issue and said, “Let me start by congratulating Rahulji for becoming the President of the party. He truly deserves the place. I believe there are some rumors flying around that Chhota Bheem would take over from Rahul, but all this is just speculation. Congress party has not issued any official statement on it.”

“Forget vice president, Chhota Bheem wouldn’t make it as party worker. To tell you honestly, he lacks what it takes to be at top in the Congress party. Chhota Bheem is not from Gandhi family. It would be foolish to expect him to lead the party. Besides it seems he has done a lot of work for the kingdom of Dholakpur, which goes against the unwritten rule of our party,” he added

Other Congress leaders too expressed their displeasure at Bheem’s name being proposed for a party post. “Even if these are rumors, I’d be very upset. How can a cartoon character be elevated as second in command to Rahul Gandhi. I mean what has Chhota Bheem done to deserve that post. I have spent 30 years in the party picking chappals of senior leaders, it would be unfair if the party doesn’t consider my contribution,” said a Congress Party veteran who didn’t wish to be named, looking visibly upset with the rumors.

Rajya Sabha MP Subramaniam Swamy said that he wouldn’t be amused even if this speculation turned out to be true. “Honestly I won’t be surprised. Rahul is a cartoon, so it would be apt if we have two cartoon characters holding top positions of the party. Let them make it official,” said Mr. Swamy with a snigger.

Meanwhile, BJP welcomed Rahul Gandhi’s elevation. Party workers were seen distributing sweets and bursting crackers at party headquarters. “We are already celebrating our victory in 2019 elections. Agli baar bhi Modi sarkar,” chanted the joyous crowd of BJP supporters.