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Digvijay Singh has got silicone brain implants

12, Nov 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A day after he called Arvind Kejriwal similar to Rakhi Sawant, latest reports coming suggest that it could be Digvijay Singh himself who is similar to Rakhi Sawant. Both of them are reported to have got silicone implants – Rakhi for her breasts, and Digvijay for his brains.

“Yes, Diggi Raja was not too happy with the size of his brain,” confirmed Dr. Pinki Gandhi, who carried out the surgery on the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh around five years ago, “He asked if he could get his brain enhanced, and I suggested silicone implants.”

Digvijay Singh
Intel Inside or Silicone Inside? Digvijay Singh is often found to be touching the now-revealed silicone part of his brain.

Dr. Gandhi confirmed that a substantial portion of Digvijay Singh’s brain is made of silicon cells and not grey cells, which is the case with normal human beings.

“We are not yet sure if silicone implants are good for mental health or not,” the neurosurgeon told Faking News in an exclusive interview, “We can’t conclude anything based only on how Digvijay Singh’s brain has been functioning after surgery; this could lead us to wrong conclusions and assumptions.”

The latest revelation has expectedly turned into a political controversy. Arvind Kejriwal has claimed that it was a corrupt practice by Digvijay Singh to have got silicone implants and not declare it.

“Either that part of his brain is not any asset, or he has not been truthful with his asset declarations,” Kejriwal claimed.

“This is good news. We should send Nitin Gadkari to Dr. Gandhi for some brain implant so that he doesn’t compare IQs again,” BJP leader Ram Jethmalani said, but not many in his party agreed to his views.

When contacted by Faking News for free comments, Rakhi Sawant said that the latest piece of information had shocked her.

“I will remove my silicone implants,” she declared, “I have been planning it for years. But this is too much. Jeejus! I don’t want to be compared with Digvijay Singh!”