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Digvijay Singh to become customer care chief of Vodafone

05, Jun 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Impressed with his impeccable record of helping his current organization i.e. Congress in dealing with criticism and public attack, mobile services company Vodafone has offered Digvijay Singh to become the head of its Customer Care operations.

Vodafone took this step after it drew flak for its decision to sue a customer, who posted negative things about the company on Facebook.

“I think if Digvijay Singh were with us, he would have openly declared that customer a thug and an Airtel agent trying to defame our company,” Vodafone India CEO Kapil Birbal said, explaining why the telecom services company made a job offer to Digvijay Singh.

Digvijay Singh
Digvijay Singh reacts when asked if any private company can afford him

Vodafone CEO also clarified that Digvijay Singh’s persona was in keeping with the two popular customer care icons of the company – Cheeka, the pug, and Zoozoo, the egg-headed rounded creature.

“He follows Rahul Gandhi wherever he goes, like Cheeka used to do, and he speaks in a language that can be interpreted in many ways, something we thought was very much like Zoozoos,” Vodafone CEO explained the cultural fit Digvijay Singh had with the company.

“He is always ‘Happy to Help’ people who employ him,” the CEO said, referring to the customer care tagline of his company.

“Furthermore, we all know he loves talking on telephones and mobiles,” he added.

It’s not yet clear what kind of compensation Vodafone has offered Digvijay Singh for rendering his professional services, but the company’s HR department made it clear that Diggy Raja didn’t need to give up his job of a politician to join the company.

“It’s not necessary to give up politics to do something else,” Vodafone’s HR head clarified to Faking News when pointed out that Digvijay Singh had asked Baba Ramdev to give up yoga if he wanted to enter politics.

The mobile company is confident that with Digvijay Singh on their side, they will not only be able to reject all criticism from the public, but also get some free publicity, for which they had to pay through their nose during the IPL.

Digvijay Singh was not available for comment as he was busy commenting on others.