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Digvijay Singh to start a detective agency CID

25, Sep 2013 By idiot420

Bhopal. Sensing his actual field of interest, veteran Congress leader Digvijay Singh has opened a detective agency named CID – Chief Inspector Digvijay.

CID is also the name of a popular TV show where a team led by ACP Pradyuman solves all cases. Now Digvijay Singh led CID is all set to break that record.

Digvijay Singh
Digvijay Singh with an RSS hand – the eternal evidence

“Without getting any darwaaza broken by Inspector Daya or any scientific analysis by Doctor Salunkhe, Digvijay Singh ji will be solving cases,” a close aide of the former CM of Madhya Pradesh told Faking News.

“Digvijay Singh is god gifted with unique sniffing capability to detect conspiracies and secrets,” the aide added, “That’s why he’s making the most out of it. If his strategy doesn’t help the party win elections, at least it will help him earn some detective fees.”

Unlike normal investigation, where a detective reaches to conclusion after observing events and collecting evidences, Digvijay Singh will start with the conclusion and then proceed to generate evidence and create events.

“Frankly it’s not a unique approach. Most of the social research and analysis, as opposed to scientific research and analysis, takes the same route, but Digvijay Singh has taken it to a new level,” an expert said.

The expert pointed out to the latest development where team members of Digvijay Singh asked a shopkeeper to come up with a quote for burqas, and later that quote was presented as a bill credited to BJP.

“That’s how evidences are gathered to solve a case,” the expert explained.

Recently, Digvijay rose to fame among intellectuals after he published his much talked about research paper in International Journal of Applied Logic. In his research paper “RSS – The Ultimate Cause”, using his razor sharp logic he literally proved RSS as reason behind almost everything in universe, from Big Bang to killing of a mosquito. This inspired him to aim higher and he decided to become a professional detective.

When asked if he will also investigate cases like missing files related to the coal allocation scam, Digvijay Singh said that CBI was doing a job as good as him and his services were not needed there.