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Do not complain if you have no Idea, Modi is doing short trips like UAE one to redeem the air miles before they expire: BJP spokesperson

19, Aug 2015 By dasu

New Delhi: As per Ambit Patra, the chief spokesperson of BJP, it has become a habit of some netizens to criticize whatever they see without giving it much thought.

PM Modi pointing towards a location on the map, giving an indication about his next trip.
PM Modi pointing towards a location on the map, giving an indication about his next trip.

According to Mr. Patra, “When Amazon or Flipkart advertise for a mega sale, people rush to buy as if there is no tomorrow. They never give a thought whether the product they are buying will be of any use or not. The other day one of my esteemed colleague working in a startup bought 4 pairs of black leather shoes and 6 pairs of Peter England shirts and formal trousers.”

While explaining frequent overseas visits by the PM, he said, “Modiji has travelled across whole world to bring laurels for the country. Because of these trips it’s natural, you will get good amount of frequent flyer air miles. May be many are not aware of this, these air miles will expire by end of this month as festival season is starting from next month and airlines expect occupancy rate to go up and they do not have to give too many freebies.”

Mr. Patra added, “I am confused, what is the problem if someone is redeeming those miles to make short trips like UAE one which our PM did recently. Though he did not speak, he was present in India when parliament session was going on. He conserved his energy to give us a speech to remember from Red Fort on Independence Day. After that went abroad only for 2 days and immediately back to his business. I find it strange, instead of appreciating this, some are criticizing.”

Mr. Patra told our reporter, “Most of us know this, and still let me clarify once more. Frequent flyer air miles can be used to access the airport lounge, upgrade the travel class and so on. These things are anyway available free for PM of any country. The major cost is the ticket cost for which some of the tax payers are complaining. For UAE trip the full ticket cost we saved by redeeming the miles. Still we have enough miles to arrange one free trip to Bhutan.”

When we asked Mr. Patra about the complaints by opposition he said, “They should be the last people to complain about our tax payer’s money. Because of them complete monsoon session was a wash out. They have no Idea, UN has made our PM as the ambassador for their new tourism initiative called Incredible World.

Mr. Dhananjay Jha of Congress has criticized BJP spokesperson’s statement that they have no Idea. Mr. Jha told us, “As usual BJP is once again wrong with the facts. I have three connections of Idea, so many from my party use Idea phone, even Rahulji is using Idea phone for accessing IIN service. I would urge my close friend Mr. Patra for whom I have highest regard to do his homework properly before commenting on Congress party.”