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Analysis: Does Yogendra Yadav really exist?

25, Mar 2014 By counterview

Professor Paranaoid (P2) and Doctor Delusional (D2) in their sensational blog P2D2’s Fantastical Theories claimed that AAP leaders Yogendra Yadav (Yogi) and Gopal Rai (Gopi) are one and the same person.

Yogendra Yadav Gopal Rai
Image 1

Journalist Skeptical Suzie (SS) reports exclusively for Faking News:

SS:You have claimed in your blog that Yogi and Gopi are one and the same person. How did you come to this conclusion?

P2D2: During the early days of AAP, we heard of several complains that people couldn’t tell whether it was Yogi or Gopi in the TV channel debates. Hence we started investigating the striking  similarities between the two. (see Image 1)

A special test was created to tell them apart and we found that 80% of the people couldn’t.This led us to investigate deeper and we unraveled a sinister conspiracy.

SS: And that being?

P2D2: It seems that both of them are the same person, whom we call YoGo, in different avatar (not secular enough) personas. In fact, when the two of them appear together as in the photograph (see Image 2), Yogi is just a holographic image of the persona.

Yogendra Gopal Rai
Image 2

SS:How can you be sure that its Yogi who is the hologram?

P2D2: We think Yogi is the hologram because he is mostly cap-less whereas Gopi never appears without a cap. Schmoogle it if you want. You can’t put a cap on a hologram.

Also the Yogi hologram speaks slowly to overcome delay in transmission, as everybody knows sound travels slower then light. This is another clue which led us to this conclusion.

SS: Why do you think YoGo is divided into two personas?

P2D2: Well, there can be several reasons, but we think it is to make sure that YoGo can contest from 2 Lok Sabha seats without creating a ruckus and TV debates.

SS: Do the AAP members know about this? And why do you think they are keeping quiet?

P2D2: Every AAP member is briefed about the secret, but they are administered an oath of secrecy. Besides that, they have already invested Rs 5/- and a lot of emotion in the party, hence they keep quiet.

SS: There are also conspiracy theories flowing about the origins of YoGo.

P2D2: Yes we have heard the theories about DIA’s failed experiment with Mano model 2002. But we are still investigating that so we cannot comment.