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Dogs protest against BJP leaders for dragging them into dog fights

10, Nov 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: The dogged way in which BJP leaders are attacking their own party men after the results of Bihar elections has caused a lot of heartburn to the dog community.

Dogs concerned with their names being dragged into political fights
Dogs concerned with their names being dragged into political fights

From Modi’s puppy remark during 2014 elections to the recent exchange of words between Shatrughan Sinha and Vijayvargiya, dogs have been hogging headlines for the wrong reasons.

“Initially they used to call Digvijay Singh as Dogvijay Singh which was humiliating in itself but now they are going a step further and dragging us unnecessarily in their verbal duels,” said a golden retriever who didn’t wish to be named.

Around 500 dogs from the national capital are planning a silent protest march and if sources are to be believed a hunger strike is also on cards, if the government doesn’t reign in those who defame dogs.

Meanwhile, a section of dogs have approached Don, Somnath Bharti’s dog who is also the president of dog wing of Aam Janvar Party. “Dog’s are not happy at being singled out and I can empathize with them. A section of dogs have filed a petition asking for a ban on politicians from dragging dogs into political fights,” he said.

“It’s not easy for dogs these days, the other day I was watching TV and this singer called Abhijeet was saying something about footpaths and dogs. Itne bure din aa gaye hai hamare,” he added.

The rising intolerance against dogs has also prompted President Obama to issue a statement asking PM Modi to make the environment in India conducive for dogs.

Meanwhile a primetime debate which sought the address the issue of growing intolerance against dogs saw the anchor barking away all most of the politicians on the panel.

“Every dog has his day but it turns out that every day is a ‘dog day’ for these leaders. There are so many other animals. Why only dogs and why not cats. I hold bollywood partly responsible for starting this trend. Why don’t they have billi mai tera khoon pi jaaonga?” questioned the fiery news anchor.